About twdesign.tw

Centered on the Creative Expo Taiwan X Taiwan Design Expo,
this grand celebration of design radiates from Kaohsiung’s harbor area throughout the whole island.

A hundred years ago, the harbor was a starting point for Taiwan's modernization, opening up new possibilities for the future.
A hundred years later, the city, governed by a great sense of design concepts, has accumulated creative potential, opening up new scenarios.

Let’s mobilize the energy of Taiwan’s design industry and start by returning to an important site in history.
Let’s open dialogue between history and design and find ways to restore the city’s memories.
Let’s get to know this land better and give more meaning to the present and the future.

This summer,
Taiwanese design will take off from Kaohsiung.
The open mind and cheerful character of this seaport city
blend cultural ideas from all around,
meeting the challenges of the world with a brave heart,
presenting the unique character and original power of the city.
Let’s make waves around the world with design and creativity realized in a mountain, river, and seaport setting!

Creative Expo Taiwan X Taiwan Design Expo
July~October, 2022

2022 Taiwan Design Expo

2022 Taiwan Design Expo