08.03 — 11.30

Blustery Takau Port-Japanese Invasion of Taiwan in 1895

Syongjhen North Gate (No. 6, Lianhai Rd., Gushan Dist., Kaohsiung City) Exhibition Time: 2022/8/3-2023/2/28 Opening Hours: North-South Barracks opening hours: (Tue. - Sun.)10am~6pm |Outdoor nighttime lighting hours: 6pm~9pm

Syongjhen North Gate is the best place to watch ships entering the harbor and enjoy the sunset at Sizih Bay. For a limited time, the historic North-South Barracks are open to the public.


►Exhibition Time: 2022/8/3-2023/2/28
►Opening Hours:
North-South Barracks opening hours:  (Tue. - Sun.) 10am~6pm
Outdoor nighttime lighting hours: (Everyday) 6pm~9pm


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