Joseph Tasnadi Solo Exhibition


Launched by Pier-2’s Artist-in-Residence Program (PAIR) together with the 2022 Taiwan Design Expo, PAIR X DESIGN explores the theme: “Post-Pandemic Distance Design.” Artist Joseph Tasnadi named his solo exhibition and work “Reload,” echoing the theme with visual imagery, responding to and reflecting on the pandemic, and metaphorically presenting interpersonal distance and communication through installation art.

This installation consists of five reels and four inflatable waterbeds, creating a 'crowd scene' effect. While the reels suggest threads of life, or the courses of individual existences, the waterbeds symbolize a certain softness and comfortability, or a higher quality of existence. During the pandemic, the immense powers of communication have contributed to possible inter-relations between individual existences, allowing people to transcend the bleakness of isolated existence. Communication also serves as an instrument for energy exchange between people, effectively overcoming distances.

Joseph Tasnadi employed an intervention, an art form in which he is well versed, to extend the meaning of the installation. He took the installation out on the sea, which is an example of his artistic experiments that aims to decipher the relations between the unexpectedness and temporality. Meanwhile, in the exhibition, he displayed the video of how he let the installation float on the sea, thereby connecting the sea and the land and enabling viewers to feel the differences between different times and spaces.


Joseph Tasnadi (HU)

Joseph Tasnadi lives and works in Budapest,Hungary, and he is a professor at the Moholy-Nagy University of Art And Design. He’s preoccupied by the depiction modalities of time, of the notional abstraction, of the invisible andof the possible as such. He explores the relations between information andartistic expression, information and aesthetics, information and philosophy,the contradiction and visuality. Following that he produced mainly installations and utopianplan-art. At present his focus has turnedtowards multimedia installation and intervention art.


Traffic Info

MRT|MRT Yanchengpu Station (O2 station) exit 1, walk bound for eight minutes.
LIGHT RAIL|LIGHT RAIL Dayi Pier-s Station, walk bound for two minutes.
BUS|(1) MRT Yanchengpu Station (Wufu 4th Road): Jian Guo Main Line(88), 56, Wu Fu Main Line(50), 33, 11, 219, 24B
(2) Pier-2 Station: Ha Ma Sing Culture Bus, Orange1

Organizer|Pier-2 Artist-in-Residence Program (PAIR)
Exhibition Period|2022.10.1 - 2022.10.31
Open Time|Mon.-Thu. 10:00-18:00/Fri.-Sun. 10:00-20:00 
Venue|Studio C9-4, Dayi Area, Pier-2 Art Center


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